Technical Rider for: Love Jimo 

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This rider is read carefully, signed and returned. This rider is part of the contract between organizer and artist. Should anything be unclear, please get in touch.

If you have any questions regarding this rider, please contact Love Jimo at an early stage and we will avoid misunderstandings and ambiguities on the day of the event.

Signature Organizer:

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Manager: Love Ezekiel Jimo, DBMG Music Management 

E-mail: Mobil: +47 994 90 430

Dj / Sound Technical Rider

Speaker system:

High quality PA 3- or 4-way active split system with sufficient amp. Must cover all seats in the room with loud and clean undistorted sound! Vocal clarity throughout the venue is extremely important.

Mixer / DJ equipment:

Everything from Pioneer or something similar works well. We work with what you have available

Effects, dynamics and EQ:

1 State of the art sound unit (Lexicon960 / 300 / pcm 91, tc-electronics 4000 or equivalent)

2 Digital Reverbs (tc m-2000 or other good quality dual machine, not M-one). 1 digital tap-delay (TC D-two).

4 ch gate (drawmer, dbx).

8 ch compressor (dbx, tc, bss, or equivalent).

31-band graphic eq (clear or similar), for each output program (L-R, fill, delays and monitors).


We work with what you have available


There should be three microphones available, all three should be type of wireless microphones.