The Story

From Nothing To Something

It all started from a home studio in the kitchen

Love Jimo, an exceptionally talented recording artist with a captivating blend of Pop, Dancehall, and Afrobeat genres. As a multi-faceted artist, he also excels as a Topliner, Songwriter, and Producer, showcasing his versatility and creativity within the music industry.

Throughout his musical journey, Love Jimo has succeeded in winning the hearts of music enthusiasts from diverse backgrounds. His performances at numerous venues and countless appearances have garnered immense admiration and affection from a vast fanbase. Serving as both an inspiration and a role model, Love Jimo's influence extends not only in Oslo but also throughout Norway.

 With his unique style and powerful presence on the stage, Love Jimo continues to leave an indelible mark on the music scene. Stay tuned to witness more incredible moments from this exceptional artist, as he continues to captivate audiences and build a legacy in the world of music.

"Love Jimo's music are like futuristic sounds"

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