1987- Where it all began.


Love Jimo's journey began in Ibadan, Nigeria, when he was born as Love Ezekiel Jimo. His profound love for music was ignited during his time attending church services. As he entered his late teens in 2010, he discovered a passion for creating his own beats, penning heartfelt songs, and mastering the art of music production.

However, Love Jimo faced a pivotal crossroads when his exceptional football skills beckoned him away from his homeland to Europe. He confronted a choice between pursuing a career in football or dedicating himself fully to music. Yet, deep down, the decision was clear—music held an irreplaceable place in his heart and had served as his savior from the hardships of the streets.

 With a burning desire to express his emotions through the power of lyrics, Love Jimo bid farewell to his football career at the tender age of 20. He set up his base in the vibrant city of Oslo, Norway, where he embarked on a relentless journey of musical exploration and refinement.

Since those formative years, Love Jimo's artistic prowess has flourished. He has evolved from a beat-maker to a versatile artist, honing his skills as a vocalist, songwriter, producer, and topliner. His unique musical style weaves together traditional African elements with captivating mainstream pop sounds, resulting in a mesmerizing and infectious fusion.

 In 2017, Love Jimo tasted his first taste of regional success with his massively popular single, "Tinini." The following year, he joined forces with Wrecobah from Timaya's "Dem Mama Records" to create the enchanting track, "Sweet Like Sugar." Then, in 2020, Love Jimo serenaded his audience with the romantic and evocative tune, "High On Kasia," earning a spot on Spotify's esteemed "New Music Friday Norway" playlist. Recently, in 2023, he released his latest hit, "MOOD," which earned him another coveted spot on the same playlist, marking his second appearance on one of Spotify's most prominent collections.

Among his repertoire, Love Jimo's magnum opus, "Lost in Time," stands tall as a tropical Afro-pop masterpiece, staying true to his genre. The track resonated deeply with listeners, amassing hundreds of thousands of streams, views, and downloads. Since his debut in 2017, Love Jimo has accumulated over three million streams on Spotify and garnered more than two million views on YouTube, cementing his position as an influential and celebrated artist.

Yet, Love Jimo's journey is far from over. With eager anticipation, fans await the release of his forthcoming album in 2023, a project that promises to elevate his artistry to new heights and captivate audiences around the world.


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