LOVE JIMO x Akeem da Beat

The Facts:

From an early age, Love Jimo set out to become a great performer and an incredible artist with multiple skills. Love Jimo believes that natural ability will only take a talented artist so far, but a strong will, discipline and determination will always help to reach the top. 

The Story:

"Dreamer" If you're reading this, then congratulations--you're a dreamer! Having dreams is one of the most amazing things that a human can do. Dreams are what make us unique and special. They give us something to hope for, to aspire to. This is what this song "Dreamer" is all about. Says Love Jimo from Oslo, Norway. Our goal with this song is to be able to inspire all the other dreamers across the glow, that everything is possible. And to believe in yourself, Set your goals high, Put in the hard work, Stay focused and never give up and visualize your success because sky is the limit. On this track have got lucky to be able to collaborate with "Akeem da Beat". Scoring one of the biggest collaboration of my career with "Akeem da Beat" on this track, its priceless. The collaboration make this song so powerful and took it to another level. "Akeem da Beat" is one of the great producer, songwriter and vocalist in the business. "Akeem da Beat" has worked with several big names in the industry. Artist like "Timaya", "Duncan mighty", "Sugar Boy". "Dreamer" is a fusion of different music genres such as Amapiano, Afropop and Afrobeat. "Dreamer" is inspired by African elements such as tempo, instruments and levels with shades of both cold and warm emotions.


Love Jimo is a Vocalist, Songwriter, Producer and Topliner. His music is a mixed of the traditional African elements with mainstream pop sound. This makes his music intriguing and infectious. Love Jimo first regional success came in 2017 with the massively popular single "Tinini". In 2018, Love Jimo collaborated with Wrecobah from Timaya's "Dem Mama Records", "Sweet Like Sugar". In 2020, he followed up with a romantic song "High On Kasia" and it was listed by Spotify in the "New Music Friday Norway" playlist. Since starting out in 2017, Love Jimo has generated almost three millions streams on Spotify and almost two millions views on YouTube.

Love Jimo was born Love Ezekiel Jimo in Ibadan, Nigeria 1987. He now based in Oslo, Norway. His interest in music began while attending church. In his late teens, since 2010, he began making his own beats, writing songs and learning music production techniques at the same time. There is still more great music coming from this multi-talented artist. Music is everything to him. Music was the only thing that saved him from the streets. He conveys his feelings through his texts, and always with a passion and a special feeling for the music.


Release: 01. Desember 2022
Songwriter: Love Ezekiel Jimo, Akeem Adeniji David
Producer: Love Jimo
Mixer: Akeem da Beat
Master: Akeem da Beat
Time: 3:23 min
ISRC: USL4Q2219555
Label: Indie
Music video: Coming Soon!


(+47) 994 90 430